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Polina Nazaykinskaya b. 1987


List of works: 



Orchestral (symphony orchestra, string orchestra) 


"Winter Bells" for full orchestra (2009) 

"Reading The Wind" for full orchestra (2013)

"Wedding Scene" for chorus and symphony orchestra (2014)

"Two Songs" for soprano and string orchestra (2008) 

"Canadian Suite" for string orchestra (2007) 

"Konzerto for A" for violin and string orchestra (2010)

"Elegy" for bayan and string orchestra (2011)



Chamber ensemble 


String quartet N 1. (2005)

"Five romances" after Alexander Blok (2007) 

String quartet N 2. (2008) 

"Three fairy-tales" after Alexander Blok for mezzo-soprano and piano (2009) 

"Real April. Underground" For six instruments and voices (2009) 

"Passacaglia Zero" for violin, viola, clarinet and piano 4 hands (2010)

"Lamentation of the bird" for clarinet and piano (2011)

"Canzonetta" for violin and piano (2012)

"Haim" for clarinet, string quartet, two pianos and narration (2012)

 Piano Quintet "A Poem of Memory"  dedicated to William Schrickel (2013)  

 Trombone Quartet.  Commissioned by "Tromboteam!" (2013)

  "Black Capriccio" for saxaphone quartet (2013)

 "Invocation on Lel`" for 4 sopranos, tenor, violin, viola, cello, flute, piano and percussion (2014)

  "After Akhmatova" For soprano and piano (2014)




4 pieces for piano solo (2002) 

"Music Box" for solo piano (2006)

"DSCH" for violin solo (2007)

Sonata for Violin Solo (2009)

"November preludes" for harpsichord solo (2011)

"Reflections" for solo piano (2012)





 Four chorals after Alexander Blok (2008)

"Music Box" for womens chorus and piano (2010)

"Absterge Domine" for choir and organ (2012)

"Soloveiko" for chorus a-capella  (2012)




"The Magic Mirror" (2013)

"Genetics" (2014)

"Petr and Fevronia" (premiere July 2015)



Film, Theater 


“Chaika”- film score (2008) 

“Three Questions” music play for children (2009) 

“Cartoon project” score for cartoon (2009) 

“Helen Shoes”- film score (2009)

"Patrick`s story" musical play for children (2010)

"I am going to change my name"- film score (2012)



Works in progress/commissions



"Petr and Fevronia" Opera (premiere: July 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Russia)


 "what sounds beneath". Solo show for Konstantin Soukhovetski


  Trombone Concerto "Silver Awakening" 


 Solo piano piece for Christhoper Janwong McKiggan 


"Seven Dances" for violin and guitar. Commissioned by and dedicated to Peter Shoebridge


 Symphonic Poem for Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.