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“A sensational recital by Marianna Prjevalskaya showing an extraordinary musical nature of a first class, gifted with a technique of the highest level…

…Full of delicacy and spirit, the three Scarlatti Sonatas K.175, K.365, K.491, proved a clear fact: we are in presence of a grand pianist.”

Angelo Bellisario

Il Chittadino di Monza

November 2009

“Her pianism is similar to a speech of a good orator who knows where to put an adequate emphasis on each passage of his discourse. She is impeccable: a huge richness of tone thanks to the use of all kind of touch and envious agility."

                        Julian Carrillo

                                 El Pais

                          March 2009

"...She understood so well that below the melodic surface charm, the true nature of the pieces [Four Spanish pieces by Manuel de Falla] is a certain abstract quality, with perhaps more references to Debussy and Ravel than to Albéniz, the work’s dedicatee. The dance references and the atmospheres were most effectively captured, and left us wishing for more. This was preceded with 2 Chopin Nocturnes, played with much grace and charm and a thoroughly involved and compelling reading of Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata. The audience seemed spellbound by the sonata... This young Russian pianist  is clearly a rising star and is a name to look out for in the future."

Ray Picot


“Prjevalskaya has shown a great knowledge of an authentic Chopin. Her version of the first Piano Concerto is profound in concept, full of elegant restraint and adequate proportions of power, tenderness, passion and a discrete and emotive use of rubato. The Romance sounded lucid, full of light and the Rondo was played with grace. Her technique is of impeccable coordination and clarity, the gradation of the intensity is very broad and carefully shaded."

Julian Carrillo

El Pais

November 2008


“Mariana Prjevalskaya, who played Chopin Concerto in her unique way, impressed the audience and the Jury especially playing Prokofiev Sonata No. 8 in B flat Major, understanding the whole piece totally and expressing mature features through her performance as one of masters of piano.”


Joo Young Kim(Pianist)

Seoul International Music Competition April 2008

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.