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It is a great honour that I am introducing The Nicholas Schilbach Memorial Award to you.  This award was created in memory of a loving son and brother, a wonderful friend, and an inspiring artist.  The award is to be given to a graduating student from The Langley Fine Arts School in British Columbia, who will be continuing their education in the performing or creative arts.


About Nicholas "Schilly" Schilbach:

Schilly can be described as: kind, loving, inspiring, creative, wise, socially conscious, curious, contemplative, supportive, dedicated, warm, courageous, and positive.  In 2004 he was diagnosed with leukemia and we honour his memory today by celebrating his life, and shedding light on ways that everyone can participate in making changes in other people's lives.


To read a memoir, please click here


How to Donate to the Fund:

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Mail A Check to:

The Langley Scholarship Committee,

Attention Susan Cairns.

Langley School District, 4875 - 222nd St.

Langley, BC



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The Langley Scholarship Committee

Re: The Nicholas Schilbach Memorial Award

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Criteria for the Award:

  • Recipients must be continuing their education at University or College in the creative arts.  Eligible majors include: Music Performance, Drama and Acting, Visual Arts, Photography, Film, Creative Writing, and Dance. The award is not intended to support majors in Arts Education or Art Therapy.
  • Recipients should have a strong sense of vocation and a history of Artistic Excellence at the Langley Fine Arts School.
  • Recipients should have a strong academic standing in their final two years of study at the Langley Fine Arts School.

Other Links:

If you are inspired by Nick's story, and would like to know other ways in which you can help, please explore these links.  Simply becoming informed will make a huge difference!

One Match - Learn more about Nick's story, and consider becoming a bone marrow donor.

HipHop Canada - Learn about the partnership between One Match and HipHop Canada, and how Nick has inspired their work.

Learn about the Stem Cell Registry - Become educated.

Registering for One Match - Where to register to become a donor.

Canadian Blood Bank - The easiest way to save a life is to become a blood donor.

American Red Cross Blood Bank 


Special Thanks To:

Gloria Dadpour - Promotions

Carol Paulson - Coordinator

Anne Nagati - Graphic Design

Jurgen Schilbach - Coordinator

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